Hoax-busting site Snopes.com says it’s true — a woman was prosecuted (and found guilty) of laughing at Jeff Sessions during his attorney general confirmation hearing.

Code Pink member Desiree Fairooz was prosecuted for disorderly conduct after she laughed during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s confirmation hearing.

The incident involved Desiree Fairooz, 61, of Bluemont, Virginia, who was arrested in the Capitol after laughing out loud during the introduction of Sessions at a Senate confirmation hearing Jan. 10.

“She was prosecuted on charges of disorderly conduct and parading or demonstrating on capitol grounds, both misdemeanors,” Snopes said.

But jurors told Huffington Post it was her behavior when asked to leave, not her laughter, that resulted in the conviction. Fairooz faces up to a year in prison.

What caused the original outburst?

Sen. Richard Shelby was praising Sessions’ “extensive record of treating all Americans equally under the law.”

Cackling commentary:

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