Bill Nye the science guy says President Trump’s pulling America out of Paris climate accord is “sad.”

As the canary in the social media coal mine, the debate has gone mad.

“Please say something to kill this sadness,” one woman tweeted Nye.

“Please run for president, bill. Save us,” said another.

“We need @BillNye to literally save the world now,” said a third.

Nye’s Netflix series began with an April episode titled “Earth Is a Hot Mess.”

On the other hand, we hear from climate-change skeptics:

“You’re not a real scientist,” said one tweeter.

“The climate accord will have zero effect on the climate​, just a wealth redistribution scheme,” said another.

Finally: “@BillNye Is humanity even worth preserving :^)”

Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society, told MSNBC Thursday “you can’t build a border wall against carbon dioxide emissions. No, the time to get to work on this is right now.”

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