To paraphrase Apple’s YouTube description for its viral video on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson using Siri:

Premise of Apple’s iPhone 7 ad is that Dwayne Johnson can get a world of work done with Siri. Image via

“You should never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate how much social media can hype a star and his sponsors.”

As reported, “The 3 minute-, 45-second commercial, dubbed ‘The Rock x Siri Dominate The Day,’ is a take on Johnson’s typical day and plays off his ‘hardest-working man in Hollywood’ image: He practices movie lines while working out and trimming a Bonsai tree; ‘takes’ a Lyft to the airport to fly a plane to Rome, dabbles in a space walk, and makes it back for his big scene all with the help of Siri on his iPhone 7.”

CNBC adds that “across his social media, Johnson is known for posting inspirational quotes and images, and touting the importance of a hard work ethic. It’s something Apple was keen to tap into to show the extent of Siri’s capabilities.”

The supposed presidential candidate raised hopes for Apple as well, although Julia Alexander on Polygon said: “At least this video provides iPhone users with an aspirational fantasy world that includes a perfectly functioning Siri.”

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