Leah Remini is leaving Los Angeles, but not her war on Scientology, saying she hopes Season 2 of her A&E series will lead to a federal investigation.

“I’m talking about the FBI, the police, the Department of Justice, the IRS,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “If the FBI ever wanted to get anywhere, all they would need to do is do a raid. Everybody who’s ever gone to Scientology has folders, and anything you’ve ever said is contained in those folders.”

The show she produces and stars in — “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” — first focused on how the religion has torn apart families.

New episodes will discuss “all of the abusive practices of Scientology — sexual abuse and physical abuse,” she says in a 2,400-word profile. (She also promoted the show in a chat with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.”)

Remini, who left the church after being drawn in during her New York City childhood, told Seth Abramovitch that she is leaving L.A., her home since 13, to join the East Coast cast of “Kevin Can Wait” on CBS, whose current female lead, Erinn Hayes, is leaving. (Her character, Donna Gable, is being killed off.)

The former “King of Queens” star hopes her crusade against the Hollywood-based church will continue to put pressure on the organization.

She doesn’t think “Kevin” and “Aftermath” will conflict or air concurrently (“hopefully not on the same day,” says the 47-year-old actress).

THR notes that “Aftermath” has earned Remini an Emmy nomination for best informational series or special.

“When I was just acting, of course it was something you always wanted,” she’s quoted as saying. “Like, hey, we’re on a show for nine years, you want some recognition from your peers.”

“Now she’s more interested to win it for her Aftermath subjects. ‘They don’t get paid to do the show. The only thing they get is a hate website put out on them by Scientology. They get paid internet ads against them. Their families turn against them. Any award I get is for them.’”

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