In 2013, Oprah Winfrey described her relationship with longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham: “We’re like an old married couple.”

This week, Winfrey explained the reason she never actually got married to Graham: She didn’t want to be like an old married couple.

In a long Vogue interview, Winfrey recalled what she once told her partner: “What would have happened if we had actually gotten married?”

“And the answer is: ‘We wouldn’t be together.’ We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world. His interpretation of what it means to be a husband and what it would mean for me to be a wife would have been pretty traditional, and I would not have been able to fit into that.”

The other revelation concerned bathtubs:

On his way out to use one of her many bathrooms, Vogue’s Jonathan Van Meter said to Oprah: “Remember at your house in Telluride when you showed me your tub that was molded and shaped to your body?”

“Yup,” she says. “I still have a nice bathtub. I major in bathtubs. I spend my time looking for the best possible bathtub a woman can buy. And actually, Stedman’s never been in this one. When I was in Chicago, he would ask for permission: ‘Can I get in your tub?’ And I would say, ‘Mmmmmm. . . . OK.’ ”

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