The administrator of the estate of Natalie Cole was cleared by a Los Angeles court commissioner to pay all remaining bills and close the late singer’s estate.

Superior Court Commissioner Brenda Penny approved Howard Grossman’s petition on Friday. Grossman, who managed the estate’s assets and liabilities, said in court papers filed in June that the total assets as of last October were $1.3 million.

“All debts of the decedent and of the estate were paid in full by (Grossman),” his attorneys stated in their court papers. “The decedent’s final personal income taxes have been filed and all taxes shown to be due thereon have been paid.”

Grossman, who also has been a business manager for singer Britney Spears and actress Kelly LeBrock, made a preliminary distribution of nearly $1.1 million to himself as trustee of the Natalie Cole Family Trust, according to court papers. He additionally asked the court to allow the payment of $26,265 to him for his work regarding the estate and for an identical amount as compensation for the attorneys who assisted him.

Two creditors’ claims collectively totaling about $20,235 were paid by the estate, according to Grossman’s court papers.

“The estate is solvent,” Grossman’s attorneys stated in their court papers. “There are no rejected creditors’ claims.”

Cole died Dec. 31, 2015, from heart failure induced by lung disease at age 65. The Grammy Award-winning singer, daughter of the legendary Nat “King” Cole, underwent a kidney transplant in 2009 after battling drug problems and hepatitis C.

–City News Service

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