Star Trek star Anton Yelchin’s estate now has assets of about $1.45 million and his parents will equally share those holdings as well as future income earned from their rights to commercial publicity and the use of the late actor’s image, according to new court papers.

The 27-year-old actor died June 19, 2016, when he was crushed by his Jeep Grand Cherokee in a freak accident in the driveway of his Studio City home. In their original  papers filed last July in Los Angeles Superior Court, Yelchin’s parents said the estate had assets of $1.37 million. Their son did not have a will.

Yelchin portrayed Pavel Chekov in the “Star Trek” franchise, including the recent entry, “Star Trek Beyond.”

Victor and Irina Yelchin submitted documents Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking a final distribution of their son’s assets and allowing compensation to their attorney for his work on their behalf.

The estate’s major asset is a Studio City home worth about $1.1 million. Yelchin also held stock worth about $200,000 and had several bank accounts, including one with nearly $140,000 in cash.

The couple are seeking court permission for the payment of a bank creditor’s claim of $417,500 representing the mortgage on the Studio City residence as well as approval of the payment of $32,600 to Dennis Mochizuki, the attorney who worked on the estate.

The Yelchins previously made a preliminary distribution of $134,185 to themselves, according to their court papers.

A hearing is scheduled Dec. 20.

In August 2016, Yelchin’s parents filed a lawsuit against the automaker in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that defects in the vehicle led to his death. The case was later transferred to Glendale Superior Court.

The Yelchins say they will split any award they may receive from the lawsuit. The next hearing in that case is scheduled Oct. 27.

—City News Service

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