His last name is secret, along with where he and his family live. But no little boy on YouTube is better known than Ryan, who plays with toys.

Ryan of Ryan ToysReview on YouTube.com. Image via Twitter
For fun and profit.

The Washington Post is the latest to discover the video sensation behind Ryan’s ToysReview, which has 10.1 million subscribers.

“Ryan has become a multimillionaire, according to Forbes magazine’s just-out list of highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs. He was ranked number eight, having brought in $11 million in revenue between June 1, 2016, and June 1, 2017, before management fees and taxes.”

In the tradition of Hollywood troupers, he happily takes cues from mom even when he’s suffering a temperature of 101.2 — as was noted in a Duplo session in November 2016.

The Verge reported that the family’s channel was created in March 2015, and initially didn’t get many views.

“But about four months in, the channel published [a] video, and views started doubling with every passing month. Ryan’s mom … left her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full time.”

Josh Cohen, an industry analyst and founder of TubeFilter, was quoted as saying: “He is definitely the youngest YouTube star we’ve ever seen. When the channel launched, Ryan was just 3 years old. It’s the biggest of this genre of programming that is getting billions of views a week on YouTube.”

The appeal isn’t merely to shoppers.

“My son is autistic,” one parent quoted by the Post wrote. “Your videos are helping him to speak, use his imagination, and properly use toys! He enjoys these videos several times a day and i would just love to say thank you!”

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