Glenn Close said Sunday evening she was stunned by audience reaction to “The Wife,” the film that won her a Screen Actors Guild Award for her leading role.

“I’ve done a lot of independent films and you just hope there’s an audience,” Close told reporters backstage at the Shrine Auditorium. “Sitting in the balcony in that big theater in Toronto” and watching “every single moment” register with the crowd “was gob-smacking for me.”

The actress believes the story resonates because of its specificity.

“It’s about a certain marriage, a very complex relationship,” Close said. And the more specific, “the more baggage (viewers) can bring to it.”

She noted that “when we made this film, the Me Too movement didn’t even exist” and for women of her mother’s age, “feminism wasn’t in their sensibility.”

Close said she wore her grandmother’s ring because “I found out the one thing she wanted to be was an actress (but) she never would have been allowed to do that. … It’s the personal side of the story that resonates so deeply.”

The nine-time SAG nominee, who had a 2005 win for the television movie “The Lion in Winter,” said she chooses projects for very personal reasons.

“To be able to approach something personally and to learn the craft of getting into someone else’s skin, I guess that’s the biggest kind of rule that I’ve lived by. … If i think it’s good, I hope there’s enough other people who will think it’s good.”

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