The cast of NBC’s “This Is Us,” gathered backstage following their Screen Actors Guild Award win for drama ensemble, talked about what inspires and motivates them.

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, one of the Pearson triplets who is a sit-com actor turned film star, told reporters, “For me it’s like this burning desire of life not being fulfilled. It’s sort of this feeling that when you get something, you want more of it.”

Jon Huertas, who plays the triplets’ stepdad, said his motivation comes from the fact that “this cast is more like a family to me.”

Though the large group of actors sometimes works separately, Huertas said it’s “beautiful to watch” the emotional work of his fellow actors.

Eris Baker, 13, said, “God motivates me every single day” and talked about inspiring other young girls who might think, as she once did, “Oh, a black girl can’t do that.”

Melanie Liburd said her inspiration is “the sheer love of the work and the writing.”

Given the chance to say thanks to someone she didn’t have a chance to mention onstage, Baker thanked her parents.

“Without you, this wouldn’t even be able to happen,” she said.

Huertas also thanked showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger and the entire writing staff.

“As an ensemble, we’re only as good as the words on the page,” he said.

Sterling K. Brown thanked director of photography Yasu Tanida.

“Because I do a lot of scenes with a lot of white people and your boy still shows up and that’s hard to do sometimes,” Brown said, smiling.

Chrissy Metz talked to reporters about working at a bar to pay her SAG dues when she wasn’t even a working actor.

“Harrison Ford said he just stood in line long enough,” Metz said. “So, honey, I’ll stand in line.”

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