An item that resembled a film prop was found Wednesday in a Burbank residential neighborhood not far from two movie studios, prompting evacuations before explosives experts determined it was harmless.

The unattended object was discovered about 7:30 a.m. near an apartment building in the 200 block of Hollywood Way, said Burbank police Sgt. Derek Green.

“The object was identified as a possible pipe bomb. It contained four cylindrical PVC pipes attached together with clamps, with wires protruding,” he said.

“Due to the densely populated area, coupled with the suspicious circumstances, the surrounding neighborhood was cordoned off as a precaution,” Green said. “Several residential units were also evacuated in the interest of safety and to allow investigators to examine the device.”

A stretch of Hollywood Way was closed, and a sheriff’s bomb squad was summoned to the scene.

“Using a robot, investigators retrieved and examined the device, and determined it did not contain any explosive material,” Green said. “The object resembled a movie/television prop.”

The area was declared safe shortly before 11 a.m., Green said, adding that the origin of the item was under investigation.

The neighborhood is not far from Burbank Studios and Warner Bros.

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