NBC’s coverage of the Golden Globe Awards drew the largest audience for a prime-time entertainment program since “The Big Bang Theory” finale in May, despite a 1.5% drop in viewership from last year, according to “fast official” figures released Monday by Nielsen.

Sunday’s ceremony at The Beverly Hilton, hosted by comedian Ricky Gervais, averaged 18.325 million viewers. The 2019 ceremony hosted by actress Sandra Oh and actor Andy Samberg, averaged 18.607 million viewers immediately following the Chicago Bears-Philadelphia Eagles NFL playoff game.

There was a 20-minute gap Sunday between the end of the Eagles-Seattle Seahawks playoff game and the start of the Golden Globe Awards.

Viewership for most forms of programming has decreased in recent years, in part because of competition from streaming programs, including streams of the same programs shown on traditional television.

Final figures are scheduled to be released Tuesday, but are not expected to change significantly from the “fast official” figures.

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