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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Breathlessly ready for campus sex in your dorm room with low lights, romantic music and a condom?

Not so fast! The company that probably made that condom wants you to be sure your sex partner is just as lustily OK with all of this as you are.

“It is important for us to encourage students to have conversations around consent and provide support for their consent initiatives on campus,” said Stephanie Berez, group brand manager for Trojan condoms, the biggest-selling condom in the country.

The Trojan condom company is partnering with Advocates for Youth, a “leading organization that champions for young people’s sexual health, for the ‘Consent. Ask For It‘ campaign for the second consecutive year,” according to the prophylactic firm. “The campaign directly encourages students to facilitate open and honest conversations on consent and positive sexual behaviors on campus, and inspires ongoing open dialogue among students.”

In addition to psychological and physical issues, sex with an unwilling partner always raises the possibility of criminal and civil legal action.

“We are proud to continue working with Advocates for Youth and their student ambassadors to further such an important conversation,” said Berez. “We hope the students continue their amazing work from last year and, more importantly, make consent a part of everyday campus language.”

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the Advocates for Youth program is “a timely reminder for students and schools to establish safe spaces on campus and to initiate the conversation,” the Trojan company said in a statement.

“Starting this month, students will be invited to take the pledge to support a culture of consent, ensuring consent is always given and received before and during sexual activity.”

Helping spread the consent message are “100 student youth activists, selected by Advocates for Youth and the maker of Trojan brand condoms, to lead initiatives on their individual campuses,” the company said. “Each student activist received tool kits featuring customizable campaign materials to develop tailored events for their school, allowing students to build what they envision would be most impactful for their school’s campus and culture. Campus events will include giveaways and interactive visuals, which are coupled with campaign conversation starters such as, ‘It Takes Two to Say Yes’ and ‘Does She Want to Go Home With You, or Does She Just Want to Go Home?’ to reinforce the message and significance of consent in any relationship or situation.”

Advocates for Youth President Debra Hauser said it’s “no surprise that last year’s campaign really resonated with students.

“Young people are trying to take responsibility for their sexual health — often with little help from the adults around. Honest sex education that includes information about bodily autonomy, mutual respect and consent is unfortunately rare. Yet these concepts are the cornerstones of all healthy relationships. This campaign engages students in building a culture of consent on their campuses. We are proud to stand alongside them in this important work.”

Materials for on-campus events include consent themed postcards, laptop stickers, tattoos and free Trojan brand condoms “to encourage conversation and visual support for a campus culture of consent,” according to the Trojan company.

“As the leading and most trusted sexual health brand in the U.S. for over 100 years, the maker of Trojan brand condoms is dedicated to promoting positive sexual health.”

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