Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Mark Gonzalez Monday praised the late Arizona Senator John McCain.

“The absence of Senator and war hero John McCain from this world’s plane is a somber end to an era in our country’s legislature, and the history of our nation,” he said in a statement.

“As bitter rivals, we clashed on ideas and solutions, and as patriots we fought for what we believed to be a more perfect union. While we vehemently disagreed on many issues, it was easy to tell that in a world and during a time where GOP partisanship was ready to throw the American people under a bus, Senator McCain was ready to ensure that Americans were able to keep their healthcare through the Affordable Care Act.

“When the Tea Party was forming and labeling then-candidate Barack Obama as an Arab, a Muslim, and much worse, Senator McCain stepped in to attempt to right that wrong and remind people that civility in politics is still a virtue.

“John McCain was indeed a maverick in his own right. Being a decent person is something we come across far too seldom in Monday’s GOP, especially within the White House, and Senator McCain was an icon who stood on his own accord to do what he believed was right.”

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