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he discovery of an apparent bomb in a parked van led to evacuations and street closings in Huntington Beach Monday, but the object of concern turned out to be a bundle of fireworks.

The owner of the van, 35-year-old Jeremy Rea, was eventually arrested on suspicion of possessing drug paraphernalia, Huntington Beach police said.

Police were sent to an area near Morgan Street and Slater Avenue about 10:20 a.m., when someone left a van with the keys in the ignition and its driver’s door. Inside, officers saw a bundle of sticks and wires strapped to the roof with a black belt, police said.

Streets in the area were closed and some businesses were evacuated while a bomb squad was summoned. Rea, however, returned a few minutes later and told officers the bundle was fireworks he put together for a joke, police said.

The van, he said, had broken down, and he left to get help, police said. Rea said he “did not think about this visible suspicious device or the police and fire department response it would generate,” according to police.

A sheriff’s department bomb squad seized the fireworks.

City News Service

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