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Updated at 5:28 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2015

A 23-year-old Westminster resident accused of neglecting his German shepherd to the point that the dog maimed itself had his arraignment Thursday on animal abuse charges rescheduled until May.

Samer Samir Ibrahim faces up to a year in jail if convicted of keeping an animal without proper care and of animal abuse by a caretaker, both misdemeanors.

Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone alleges Ibrahim left his 11- month-old dog, Rocky, unattended in his backyard between last Nov. 2-8, during which time the animal’s rear right foot got entangled in a chain leash, preventing adequate blood flow and causing the canine to gnaw off four to five inches of his paw and leg.

Ibrahim waited a day to take the dog to a veterinary facility, and instead initially treated the severe wound with antiseptic wipes and by covering it with a sock, according to the prosecutor.

When he brought the dog to Orange County Animal Control in Orange on the afternoon of Nov. 9, the staff notified Westminster police.

Rocky was transferred to the Alicia Pet Clinic in Mission Viejo, where veterinarians amputated his rear right leg, according to Malone.

“He appeared to be an outdoor dog,” she said, adding that the animal was also flea-infested and underweight.

The dog has recovered and has been adopted by a family.

“The good news is the dog has a great new home now,” Malone said. “It looked like Rocky had some phantom pain after the injury occurred, but it appears he is getting better, and, of course, being in a loving home has helped tremendously.”

Ibrahim is next due in court May 27.

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