A UC Irvine Medical Center employee rummaged through patient records without a work-related reason multiple times over a four-year period through March of this year, hospital officials said Thursday.

UCI Medical Center. Image via psychiatry.uci.edu
UCI Medical Center. Image via psychiatry.uci.edu

Officials say their investigation so far does not show any evidence that the employee accessed or electronically distributed private information such as Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses or state ID numbers or credit or debit card numbers.

The investigation, however, has shown the worker may have looked at other personal information such as birthdates, gender, medical record numbers, height, weight, allergy information, home addresses, employment status, employers and health-related details.

Hospital officials are in the process of alerting the patients whose records were breached and are offering them a one-year of credit monitoring and identity theft protection from ID Experts at no charge to them.

Hospital officials responded to the breach by hiring computer forensic experts to analyze the unnamed employee’s computer records and found no evidence the worker removed any patient information.

Law enforcement authorities have been notified, prompting an ongoing criminal investigation. The worker’s access to medical center computers have been removed and unspecified discipline has been administered.

— City News Service

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