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Watch out for dangerous stingrays hiding just below the sand during this upcoming hot-weather weekend.

If this coming weekend is anything like this last one, a lot of people stepping into the water may get some very unpleasant surprises.

A rash of stingray stings over this past weekend in Huntington Beach left more than 30 beachgoers feeling the pain.

Lifeguards treated 15 people for stings on Saturday and 18 more on Sunday, Huntington Beach Marine Safety Lt. Michael Beuerlein told Times Community News, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday morning.

Stingray injuries are not uncommon in Huntington Beach, which logs 400 to 500 a year, Beuerlein said. Typically, however, “we probably average one to two a day,” he said, adding that a combination of small surf and warm water, like Huntington Beach saw over the weekend, usually brings a bump in stings.

Stingrays usually burrow just under the sand at the shoreline. People don’t see them and therefore step on them and the stingray tails immediately hit the legs of people with a painful sting. Authorities urge people to “shuffle” their feet in the sand as they get into the water, thus scaring the stingrays away.

—City News Service

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