via wikimedia commons
via wikimedia commons

A Cypress family overwhelmed by their pets’ breeding this week put up about 200 rabbits for adoption.

A neighbor of the Cypress family called code enforcement authorities with concern about the number of rabbits on the property, said Katie Ingram of OC Animal Care. So, because the bunnies were not being poorly treated and there was no evidence of abuse, they worked with the family to take a couple of hundred of the rabbits off their hands and put them up for adoption, Ingram added.

“He and his mother, his family, had actually adopted two rabbits a couple of years back and didn’t spay or neuter them and they’ve reproduced multiple times and now they’re in over their heads with 230 rabbits,” Ingram said.

So, on Tuesday, the agency had the residents pick out their favorites and about 200 others were taken over to OC Animal Care’s shelter in Orange, Ingram said.

“The bunnies have been well cared for,” Ingram said. “They’re in good health, friendly, all different ages, colors and shapes — something for everyone.”

The agency is charging just $17, less than the usual $37, to adopt each rabbit, Ingram said.

The moral of this story is to have pets spayed and neutered, Ingram said.

–City News Service

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