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A 25-year-old Las Vegas woman pleaded not guilty Friday to creating a fake Facebook profile to set up a man in Orange County with bogus claims of stalking, kidnapping and beating her.

Stephani Renae Lawson was charged Sept. 28 with four counts of false imprisonment, a count of attempted false imprisonment and a count of perjury, all felonies.

Lawson is accused of falsely alleging that Tyler Parkervest threatened her. He made his first appearance in that case on Nov. 23 last year, and charges against him were dropped on Oct. 6.

In May of this year, Orange County prosecutors began further investigations of the case against Parkervest.

According to a motion requesting increased bail filed by Orange County District Attorney Investigator Loren Dawson, Parkervest was accused of stalking, threatening, kidnapping and battering Lawson, his ex-girlfriend.

He was also charged with trying to get her to not testify against him in court.

Lawson filed eight police reports alleging he violated a restraining order, stalked her, threatened to kill her and her daughter and would drive by her home when she was standing outside, Dawson reported.

“Lawson alleged that the threats came from a Facebook account named `Tyler Parker.’ ” Dawson said.

Parkervest was arrested four times between September 2015 and December of last year, Dawson said. The complaint against him was upgraded twice to reflect further allegations, Dawson added.

Parkervest’s bail was even increased to $200,000 in December of last year.

Lawson allegedly perjured herself in a May preliminary hearing, claiming he had threatened her in the two days leading up to the hearing, Dawson said.

She said the threats came via the Facebook account.

“The Facebook messages threatened Lawson from testifying in court and one message stated a friend had fun raping Lawson’s daughter,” Dawson said.

Authorities issued search warrants for Facebook and T-Mobile records and investigators concluded that Lawson set up the fake profile, Dawson said.

“The T-Mobile records showed that Lawson disguised herself as Parkervest with a similar Facebook account,” Dawson said. “Lawson sent herself numerous criminal threats from the phony `Tyler Parker’ Facebook account and reported to law enforcement that Parkervest sent her the messages. Lawson had Parkervest arrested four times for crimes that he did not commit.”

Lawson was ordered to return to court Nov. 30 for a pretrial hearing.

— City News Service

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