A 28-year-old Stanton woman is facing charges of stealing at least two dozen credit cards and racking up about $165,000 in purchases over a seventh-month period, according to court records obtained Wednesday.

Dahye Kim pleaded not guilty Monday to more than 50 felony identity theft-related charges with multiple sentencing enhancements for property damage exceeding $65,000 and aggravated white-collar crime exceeding $100,000, according to court records. She is due back in court on Aug. 29.

Police served a search warrant on Kim’s residence in July 2015 and seized $8,231 in cash and other evidence of stolen credit cards, according to court papers filed by an Irvine police investigator in support of higher bail.

Kim gegedly told police she would go on “mail runs” in Irvine, Fullerton and Buena Park to retrieve credit cards she applied for in the names of people she did not know. She would use those credit cards to buy iPhones and Target gift cards and sell them for cash, court documents allege.

After the search warrant was executed, she went on another spree in San Diego and Orange County and got busted, police said.

She pleaded guilty in San Diego to 20 felony counts of identity theft and served a one-year sentence until her release in June, according to court documents.

— City News Service

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