Aspenn G. Jones
Aspenn G. Jones. Photo: Irvine Police Department

An 18-year-old Rialto man was behind bars on suspicion of committing 10 burglaries in Irvine.

Aspenn G. Jones was arrested early Sunday following a report of a break- in on Reggio Aisle, Irvine Police Department Public Information Officer Kim Mohr said.

As officers responded to the break-in, they saw three girls in possession of stolen property, Mohr said. As the officers questioned the suspects, Jones, “sweaty and out of breath,” showed up, Mohr said.

A resident who had chased Jones from his home on Santorini identified Jones as the culprit he was pursuing, Mohr said.

Jones allegedly broke into the home on Santorini, woke up a woman there and demanded her car keys, Mohr said. As she fetched the keys she alerted other family members of the break-in, and another resident chased him out, Mohr said.

Police allege Jones admitted breaking into at least 10 homes over the last month, Mohr said.    Jones was being held in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Jones was arrested by Irvine police on Aug. 18, but prosecutors at that time declined to press charges and he was released from jail Aug. 22.

Prosecutors declined to file charges last month because of “a lack of evidence sufficient to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Michelle Van Der Linden of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

—City News Service

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