A judge granted $1.4 million in attorneys’ fees to a woman who in 2019 was awarded $58.25 million in a lawsuit she brought against a billionaire hologram producer, who she accused of groping and sexually harassing her.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court’s ruling, issued Tuesday, represents an award less than half of what plaintiff Mahim Khan had sought from Alki David. The judge also awarded the 36-year-old Khan $74,165 in legal costs.

Attorney Amir Kaltgrad, representing the 52-year-old David, had stated in his court papers that Khan deserved no more than about $325,000. He told the judge during arguments in August that Khan had already been awarded a significant amount during a trial in which the billionaire believed his hands were tied by Court, leaving him unable to put on a proper defense.

Court did not rule on the motion at that time, saying she wanted to study the issues further.

During trial of the civil lawsuit last November and December, Khan attorney Nathan Goldberg told jurors that David routinely groped Khan’s private parts and breasts, made moaning sounds of pleasure and then walked away and laughed. David also would often drop his pants and shorts and twist his lower body to make it appear he had the genitals of a woman rather than a man, Goldberg told the jury.

David represented himself during the earlier stages of the trial, but the judge stripped him of that right and limited the defense he could present after he made repeated outbursts in court in violation of her orders to refrain from lashing out at Khan and her attorneys and to cease commenting about the case in front of the jury.

David denied any wrongdoing concerning Khan, who was hired in October 2014 and quit about a year later.

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