Testing conducted along the Orange County coast following the massive underwater oil leak has not detected any discernable issues with air quality, health officials said Friday.

According to testing done by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in coordination with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Orange County Health Care Agency and a consulting firm, air quality was within acceptable standards for a typical day, and pollutant levels were below state health standards.

Sampling was done at 12 sites along the coast, along with mobile air surveys.

But while the air is clean, the water is not.

“As the oil response teams continue to monitor, inspect and clean the beaches to ensure that appropriate cleanup actions are taken, and in advance of water analysis from the Unified Command, our original health advisory continues to remain in place,” county Health Officer Dr. Clayton Chau said in a statement. “We ask that our residents and visitors continue to avoid the ocean water and oiled areas of our beaches to limit the risk of contaminants being absorbed through the skin, inhalation and ingestion until further notice. This means refraining from recreational activities on the coastline such as swimming, surfing, biking, walking, exercising, fishing and gathering.”

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