Example of a Street in Riverside - Photo courtesy of Matt Gush on Shutterstock

The second phase of a $5.5 million improvement project that includes sidewalk upgrades and landscaped medians on roads alongside the Riverside County Fairgrounds began Thursday.

“These renovations are a boon for our city,” Indio Mayor Waymond Fermon said. “The median improvements and landscaping, smoother roads and beautification will uplift the entire 111 corridor for students, businesses, residents and employees coming to Indio, the eastern seat of Riverside County.”

Only one lane in each direction was open on Highway 111 between Arabia and Smurr streets Thursday as the road repairs began. Lane closures alongside the fairgrounds are expected to remain in effect during the remainder of the project.

The repairs are expected to complete in early 2023.

The first phase of the project along Oasis Street from Highway 111 to Hartford Avenue in the Larson Justice Center complex is expected to complete by the end of this month.

“These street improvements will revitalize key roads and improve access to downtown Indio,” said Fourth District supervisor V. Manuel Perez. “These projects are great for both the county, with our many facilities along this corridor including the fairgrounds and the Indio community.”

The Riverside County Facilities Management Department is managing the project.

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