Candle in a Blackout - Photo courtesy of Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash

More than 6,700 Southern California Edison customers in Palm Springs temporarily lost electricity overnight when a car struck a power pole.

David Song with SoCal Edison told City News Service the car struck the pole near East Ramon Road and South Sunrise Way just before 2 a.m., knocking out power to 6,743 customers in Palm Springs. Power was restored to some customers within 20 minutes, he said.

The Palm Springs Police Department closed Ramon Road west of Sunrise Way at around 5 a.m. while Edison crews worked to repair the damage.

Due to the repair work, power remained off for 2,273 Edison customers closest to the damaged equipment for more than three hours, Song said.

“If a pole gets hit and it falls, then it drags down transformers and power lines,” Song told CNS. “So you’re not just facing a pole, you’re re-doing a number of other things adjacent to it like the power lines.”

By 7:30 a.m., power was restored to all affected customers, he said.

Police said there was oil in the road that may have contributed to the crash.

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