Hot weather and dangerous wildfire conditions are expected throughout this week in the Southland, including triple-digit temperatures in parts of the Antelope, San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys.

The Los Angeles County health officer has issued a heat alert for high temperatures in the following locations:

— Antelope Valley, Tuesday through Friday;

— West San Fernando Valley, Tuesday through Friday;

— East San Fernando Valley, Wednesday through Friday;

— Santa Clarita Valley, Wednesday through Friday.

Temperatures will hover in the mid- to upper 80s around downtown Los Angeles through the weekend, and stay in the 90s in most valley areas.

“While it is very important that everyone take special care of themselves, it is equally important that we reach out and check on others, in particular those who are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of high temperatures,” Dr. Muntu Davis said. “High temperatures are not just an inconvenience, they can be dangerous and even deadly. But we can protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors if we take steps to remain cool and hydrated.”

He urged everyone — particularly seniors, children, outdoor workers, athletes and people with chronic medical conditions — to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses. He recommended drinking plenty of water, avoiding the outdoors during the hottest hours, wearing sunscreen and lightweight and light-colored clothing, wearing hats and carrying umbrellas.

Children or pets should never be left unattended in cars, and should be reported by calling 911 if discovered.

Meanwhile, elevated fire weather conditions will continue in some mountain and valley areas through the weekend due to warm and dry conditions, with increased ignition potential due to very dry fuels.

Officials urge people living in areas of high risk of wildfire to have mitigation and evacuation plans ready, and encourage residents to visit

Residents can go to their local power company’s website or call the utility to determine if there are scheduled power outages.

Information about cooling facilities can be obtained at or by calling 211.

Cooler conditions are expected by Monday.

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