Ed Fuentes, a photographer, writer, and champion of the Los Angeles Latino arts scene, has died at the age of 59.

Fuentes’ death was reported Saturday by the Los Angeles Times and by KCET, for whom he did some work. Fuentes’ father, Edward Fuentes Sr., told The Times that his son died Thursday from an apparent heart attack.

The younger Fuentes’ work was widely seen on his blog, View From A Loft, which debuted in 2006 and focused on the Los Angeles Arts District

Fuentes grew up in Riverside and later worked as a graphic designer in Los Angeles.

The Times noted that “In addition to his role as a local historian, Fuentes was a muralist, blogger, poet, photographer, graphic designer and comedian.”

He left Los Angeles for Las Vegas in 2012, where he launched another blog, Paint This Desert, in 2013 that focuses on downtown murals and street art in that city, according to the Times.

“I watched it happen in downtown L.A.,” Fuentes told the Las Vegas Weekly. “Street art and murals help people feel engaged in the streets. And that gray line of what is legal and illegal will never be agreed upon, but the art attracts people and allows them to experience a city as a city.”

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