The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services announced Wednesday it is looking to increase the number of counselors who can assist residents with accessing benefits programs coordinated or managed by the agency.

DPSS has job openings for “eligibility technicians,” who are tasked with aiding qualifying residents with obtaining health, nutrition, job training and other aid.

“Our eligibility technicians are dedicated,” DPSS Assistant Director of Self-Sufficiency Programs Allison Gonzalez said. “They have an eye for detail and a heart for people. We are grateful for the positive impacts they make in our communities every day, year-round.”

“This is a rewarding job and a great position for those who are detail-oriented and passionate about serving,” she added.

The county currently employs about 1,800 eligibility technicians, who provide residents with guidance on accessing CalFresh, CalWorks, Medi-Cal and general assistance. An estimated 1 million children and adults received services through DPSS in 2020, according to officials.

“This job combines public service and policy. I not only like this work — I love it,” technician Marlene Toscano said.

“At the end of the day, there’s nothing like helping someone who is struggling with life and death issues such as cancer and being the person who helped them get access to critical medical care.”

According to Gonzalez, technicians are at the forefront of DPSS interactions with the public.

“They are well-trained and equipped with information to assist families and individuals in finding a path forward during difficult times,” she said.

Eligibility technician positions come with vacation, health and retirement benefits.

Anyone interested in applying for the positions was encouraged to visit

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