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Photo via Pixabay

It was hot Monday in the Southland, but not quite that hot.

After a weekend of triple-digit temperatures in the valleys and 80s at the beaches, a mild cooling trend began, with the beaches reaching temperatures in the mid-70s and inland temperatures topping out in the mid-80s.

Even the hottest spots in Los Angeles County were a bit cooler, with Lancaster and Palmdale seeing temperatures only into the high 90s.

The overnight and early morning low clouds and fog that we’d seen so often before this latest heat wave will be back for most of the rest of this week and into the coming weekend.

High temperatures through the week will be relatively mild, with highs around 80 degrees in downtown Los Angeles and other inland areas, while overnight lows at the beaches will be a bit chilly nearing 60.

As is often the case, it’ll be considerably hotter in local valleys, with temperatures expected to get into the upper 80s and possibly even around 90 or so.

Except for the nightly low clouds and fog, skies around the Los Angeles area should be clear.

Even though temperatures were expected to moderate throughout the week, it’ll still be hot in the valleys and area deserts. And, as is often the case in Southern California, summer heat is probably not over yet.

Heat can cause health problems, so National Weather Service officials urged area residents to protect themselves and their loved ones when temperatures soar, recommending they:

— drink plenty of water;

— wear light-colored and lightweight clothing;

— stay out of the midday sun;

— provide shade and water for livestock and pets; and

— check on neighbors and the elderly.

Forecasters also stressed that children, the elderly and pets should never be left in parked vehicles in the heat.

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