Tim Conway, who underwent brain surgery last month and was recently moved from a hospital to a Santa Monica rehabilitation facility, remains largely taciturn, according to new papers filed by the comedian’s court-appointed attorney.

“Mr. Conway remains unable to engage in verbal communications of any kind,” according to lawyer Michael Harris. “When I was there, his wife tried to demonstrate for me that while he does not talk, he can express himself through his eyes and facial expressions.”

Conway remains at the center of a dispute between his wife, Charlene, and her stepdaughter over whether he needs to be placed under a conservatorship. Kelly Conway maintains her 84-year-old father is suffering from dementia.

On Sept. 14, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Wada rejected her petition for a temporary conservatorship over her father, finding that her concerns about her stepmother’s medical decisions regarding the comic were moot at the time because he was hospitalized Sept. 3 and underwent brain surgery. He was released to the Beachwood Post-Acute & Rehab facility on Oct. 15, according to Harris’ court papers.

Charlene Conway maintains that her husband does not need the protection of a conservatorship, but that if a judge is inclined to find to the contrary, she should serve the role and not her stepdaughter.

A Dec. 14 trial is pending on whether a permanent conservatorhip should be established and, if so, who should be appointed.

Harris states in his court papers that he visited Conway at Beachwood and was impressed with his appearance.

“He was shaved and groomed and appears in no particular distress and, indeed, his eyes are expressive,” Harris wrote. “I am confident he is receiving good therapy and adequate care.”

Harris said he is hopeful the two sides can resolve their differences.

“I hope and expect that his wife and daughter will be able to work out a settlement of their differences in the interests of Mr. Conway and I would anticipate a stipulated resolution before the next hearing date,” Harris wrote.

Conway was a performer on “The Steve Allen Plymouth Hour” in the 1950s before landing a role on the comedy series “McHale’s Navy.” He is best known for his work on “The Carol Burnett Show,” with his comic antics often causing on-screen bouts of laughter by co-star Harvey Korman.

In addition to Kelly, Conway and his first wife Mary Anne Dalton had five other children. They divorced in 1978.

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