snow over los angeles mountains
Snow Los Angeles - Photo courtesy of Joseph Sohm on Shutterstock

A cold front is expected to move over the Los Angeles and Ventura County mountains early this week, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a winter weather advisory.

The advisory is in effect into Monday morning until 10 for the north slopes of the mountains in both counties. Overnight temperatures are expected to drop below freezing levels and into the 20s in the mountains and the Antelope Valley Monday night.

At least 1 inch of snow and icy road conditions are expected on Interstate 5 near the Grapevine. Travel could be very difficult, with delays and road closures possible.

Strong winds are also expected, with gusts up to 50 mph in the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys and 55 mph in the mountains.

Trees toppled by strong winds downed power lines and crushed cars in Santa Monica and in the Westlake neighborhood on Sunday night.

The Los Angeles County health officer issued a cold weather alert Sunday for the following areas:

— Santa Clarita Valley, Monday and Tuesday;

— Lancaster, Monday to Friday;

— Mount Wilson, Monday and Tuesday.

“Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities or special medical needs are especially vulnerable during cold weather. Extra precaution should be taken to ensure they don*t get too cold when they are outside,” Dr. Muntu Davis said. “There are places where people can go to stay warm, such as shelters or other public facilities. We also want to remind people not to use stoves, barbecues or ovens to heat their homes due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

A beach hazards statement was issued for Sunday night through Monday night for the west-facing beaches of the Los Angeles County coast.

Light snow is expected Sunday night at elevations over 3,500 feet including over the Grapevine summit, according to the NWS. Dry weather with periods of offshore wind is expected for most of the week until more possible light rain on Saturday.

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