Westwood-based oil company California Resources Corp. announced Monday it was dropping a much-debated proposal to drill about 200 new wells in Carson, to the delight of residents and environmental activists who have been fighting the project.

The drilling plan was initially proposed in 2012 by Occidental Petroleum Corp., the former parent company of California Resources Corp. The proposal for drilling at the Dominguez Oil Field quickly drew the ire of residents and environmentalists, particularly since the company planned to employ hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the drilling process.

In the face of public outcry, and responding to studies that showed fracking would not be effective at the site, the company said it would not employ the drilling technique. Opponents still were not placated, and continued to battle the effort.

The company issued a statement today saying the project is no longer viable given the dropping price of crude oil.

Environmental groups and some city leaders plan to gather tonight at Carson City Hall to celebrate the announcement.

City News Service

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