A week after finding himself in a Los Angeles federal lockup for failing to appear in court, Latin superstar Luis Miguel turned over a 2013 Rolls Royce to satisfy a judgment won by his former manager, according to court papers obtained Wednesday.

Luis Miguel. Photo via mm-group.org/
Miguel was jailed briefly May 2 for skipping court dates. The singer known as “El Sol de Mexico” was released hours later on a $1 million bond.

William Brockhaus — who represented Miguel from 2013 to 2015 — is attempting to collect more than $1 million from the entertainer.

The 47-year-old balladeer was ordered to make payments on the debt, but after failing to do so, a New York judge in January ordered the seizure of the singer’s Rolls Royce.

The case was moved to Los Angeles, where Miguel owns a home, for enforcement of the judgment.

The black 2013 Rolls was located at the Beverly Hills Hotel — where police made an unsuccessful attempt to arrest Miguel on April 29 in connection with the warrant for failure to appear, according to court records.

The car is being stored at a Los Angeles law firm until it can be sold by U.S. marshals to satisfy the judgment, papers show. A court date initially set for Thursday was taken off calendar.

Brockhaus sued the singer in Texas in February 2015, alleging the two had a verbal agreement that the manager would receive 10 percent of the Miguel’s earnings from the years they worked together.

The singer became one of Latin music’s biggest stars in the 1990s. In the United States, he was the first Latino artist to have two Spanish- language albums, “Romance” and “Segundo Romance,” sell over a million copies each. The latter release won him one of his five Grammy Awards.

Miguel — real name Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri — was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to parents of Italian and Spanish heritage. He has spent almost his entire life in Mexico, however, and is generally regarded as Mexican.

— City News Service

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