The Los Angeles Department of Transportation will receive the first of 155 zero-emission buses starting in March as part of what city officials Thursday called the largest purchase of such vehicles in U.S. history.

“The clean transportation revolution is not a distant dream, it’s happening on Los Angeles’ streets right now,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “Seeing these zero-emission buses rolling down our roads in the years ahead will bring us one step closer to realizing our vision of cleaner air, lower emissions, healthier communities and a more sustainable future for all Angelenos.”

The 155 buses will be shipped to the city over the course of two years, Garcetti said, adding that the purchase will help the city reach its emissions goals prior to the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

By summer, the first 25 buses will be in service and the remaining 130 will arrive in 2021, LADOT officials said. The buses are coming from two local companies, with the first shipment from Proterra and the remaining buses from Build Your Dreams.

“If we do not get off fossil fuels, we are killing our kids and their planet,” Councilman Mike Bonin said. “Fortunately, Los Angeles has the ability to make a big impact in combating the climate crisis. Moving to a fleet of electric buses is an important step.

Bonin said he, the mayor and the Los Angeles County Electric Bus and Truck Coalition worked to make the purchase happen.

“Los Angeles is making a bold investment in a clean transportation future,” LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds said. “These 155 buses will save the city money on fuel costs and improve air quality and health for families across the region we serve.”

The announcement was made at LADOT’s new bus maintenance yard, a three-acre, LEED Platinum-certified facility with solar panel canopies and EV-charging infrastructure to serve up to 70 buses, making it one of the largest EV bus facilities in the state, according to the mayor’s office.

The bus purchase was funded by a series of federal and state grants as well as matching city funds.

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