The Parking Division of Pasadena’s Department of Transportation has begun implementing temporary modifications to the city’s parking policy in an effort to reduce the financial burden on residents and local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The following measures are in effect indefinitely:

— suspension of enforcement of the overnight parking ordinance;

— suspension of enforcement of time limits in residential neighborhoods;

— suspension of daytime street sweeping restrictions;

— suspension of payment at all curbside parking spaces;

— all metered parking spaces will be temporarily converted to 20-minute parking to facilitate delivery and pick-up of food from restaurants. The 20-minute limit on those spaces will be enforced;

— individuals looking to park for longer periods hould park in parking garages and walk to their destination;

— temporary suspension of non-critical vehicle impounds;

— temporary suspension of booting and impounds for five or more past-due parking citations and for vehicles with expired registrations.

Parking officers will continue to enforce the following restrictions:

— all colored curb time limits;

— time limits at the 20-minute spaces;

— driveway blocks (by complaint only);

— preferential parking districts, with the exception of the T-District (by complaint only);

— 72-hour parking violations (by complaint only, citations only, no impounds);

— emergency access and public safety violations, including, but not limited to: parking in alleyways, blocking fire hydrants, and parking in fire lanes.

Parking garages will continue to operate as normal, but operations are being closely monitored and operations may be modified as necessary.

For more information call 626-744-7665 or e-mail

Meanwhile, the Pasadena City Council approved a series of other measures aimed at reducing the economic impacts on residents and businesses because of the coronavirus. Those actions include:

— suspension of any new late fees and penalties for city-provided services, including water, power and garbage pickup;

— suspension of any new all utility shut-offs for non-payment;

— approval of $150,000 to provide meals for seniors, as well as disabled and other vulnerable citizens; and

— enactment of a moratorium on eviction for non-payment of rent if a residential or commercial tenant has been impacted by COVID-19 and, therefore, unable to pay.

Council members also asked City Manager Steve Mermell to begin formulating a mandatory stay-at-home order should local public health officials deem it necessary.

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