Hikers will be able to trek the trails of Mount Rubidoux Park next week for the first time since they were closed to the public in late March due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Riverside City Council voted unanimously on Friday to re-open the park on May 22 with some new rules in place to allow for social distancing.

Markings on the trails will direct hikers to walk in the same direction up and down the mountain to prevent people from passing each other and coming in close contact with one another, said city spokesman Phil Pitchford in a news release.

Signs will also be posted encouraging visitors to maintain social distancing.

“The May 22 opening date is designed to give the City a chance to consult with public health officials and also discuss the plan with the Friends of Mt. Rubidoux group, as well as the Riverside Neighborhood Partnership,” said Pitchford.

Parking lots at the nearby Ryan Bonaminio Park will opened so that visitors can park their vehicles there.

Visitors will need to enter through the Glenwood Drive entrance as the Ninth Street entrance will remain closed due to an ongoing construction project.

“This plan is the best way to ensure that visitors to Mt. Rubidoux Park are as safe as possible,” said Mayor Pro Tem Erin Edwards said. “I encourage everyone to be considerate of one another so that everyone who wants to use the park will feel safe doing so.”

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