Health officials announced Wednesday that 10 more people succumbed to COVID-19 in Orange County, the highest daily death toll since the pandemic began, bringing the total number of fatalities to 98.

The Orange County Health Care Agency also reported 249 new cases, upping the cumulative total to 4,742.

The number of hospitalized patients increased from 229 on Tuesday to 253 on Wednesday, with the number in intensive care rising from 86 to 93, according to the HCA.

The number of people who have been tested for COVID-19 in the county stands at 86,694.

Of the county’s total cases, 3% involve people under 18 years old; 10% are 18-24; 18% are 25-34; 15% are 35-44; 18% are 45-54; 16% are 55-64; 10% are 65-74; 7% are 75-84; and 5% are 85 and older.

Of the patients who died, 2% were 25-34 years old, 4% were 35-44, 9% were 45-54, 14% were 55-64, 16% were 65-74, 29% were 75-84, and 26% were 85 or older. As of May 5, 76% of the fatalities involved patients with underlying health complications, county officials said.

Men make up 53% of the county’s cases and 61% of its fatalities.

Latinos account for 38% of the fatalities and whites 30%, followed by Asians with 17%. According to the HCA, 3% were black, 1% were native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 1% are mixed race, 7% is unknown, and 3% fall into the category of “other.”

Santa Ana has the most cases in the county with 833, followed by Anaheim with 751 and Huntington Beach with 301.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced 364 inmates have tested positive since March, with 235 having recovered and others asymptomatic. Six of the inmates are currently sick and in medical isolation. Officials are awaiting the results of 40 tests.

The HCA reported that 523 patients in skilled nursing home facilities have tested positive for COVID-19 and 28 have died; and 241 staff workers have contracted the coronavirus, with one dying.

At Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center of Anaheim, 73 patients have contracted coronavirus, but 29 have recovered and 32 are “active cases,” according to Anaheim officials. Two patients died at the facility, and 24 staffers have contracted COVID-19 with 16 considered active cases.

At Anaheim Healthcare Center, 52 patients have tested positive for coronavirus with just one sick as of now, officials said. Eighteen staffers have contracted the virus with 16 having since recovered. Five patients died at the facility.

At Harbor Villa Care Center in Anaheim, 30 patients have contracted coronavirus and 11 staffers tested positive, but no one has died there.

Outside of Anaheim, the state Department of Public Health has a tally of patients and healthcare workers affected, but does not provide exact numbers for cases numbering under 11.

At Alamitos West Health and Rehab Center, located at 3902 Katella Ave. in Los Alamitos, less than 11 healthcare workers have tested positive and none have died, while 40 patients have tested positive and less than 11 have died, according to state figures.

At French Park Care Center, at 600 E. Washington Ave. in Santa Ana, less than 11 healthcare workers and 27 patients have tested positive.

At Huntington Valley Healthcare Center, 8382 Newman Ave. in Huntington Beach, 15 healthcare workers and 26 patients have tested positive. Less than 11 of those patients have died at the facility, but no healthcare workers.

At Sea Cliff Health Care Center, 18811 Florida St., Huntington Beach, less than 11 healthcare workers have tested positive, 28 patients have contracted the virus, and less than 11 patients have died.

County officials remain optimistic that many businesses can reopen by this weekend at the earliest after Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement Monday on loosening restrictions in Phase 2 of his plan to reopen the state, such as in-store retail.

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