Riverside County has confirmed another 1,120 coronavirus cases while the number of deaths attributed to the virus grew by 42.

The total number of cases recorded since the public health documentation period began in early March rose to 38,131, compared to 37,011 on Friday. No data was released over the weekend.

Riverside University Health System officials said the number of deaths in the county believed to be tied to COVID-19 stands at 737, compared to 695 on Friday.

The number of known active virus cases countywide was 17,695 as of Monday, a drop of 2,830 from Friday, according to RUHS figures. It is the first known decline in the active count since reporting began and was credited to a spike in verified patient recoveries, which officials said number 19,699. The active number is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the overall case total — 38,131 — according to the county Executive Office.

The county defines a recovery as someone who has not manifested symptoms for 14 days.

According to RUHS, 425 people are hospitalized for COVID-19, 27 less than Friday. Hospitalizations include 133 patients in intensive care units.

Health officials said last week that between 118,000 and 175,400 county residents may have been infected by coronavirus at some point since it reached the county, citing preliminary results of a recent randomized antibody test study.

The doubling time — or the number of days in which documented virus cases increase 100% — is 28 days. A doubling rate of seven days is considered severe.

Most of the county’s deaths stemming from complications tied to COVID-19 have been people between the ages of 65 and 84, according to RUHS.

The county was advancing into stage 3 of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s four-stage deregulation plan for economic recovery when he announced another round of restrictions in early July amid a dramatic rise in infection rates.

Riverside County is among 38 counties on the California Department of Public Health’s monitoring list. The county was added to the list when patient counts mounted toward the latter part of June.

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