The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to consider a resolution to have the state conduct a study on closing a natural gas storage facility in the Playa Del Rey neighborhood.

The storage facility is owned by Southern California Gas Company at 8141 Gulana Ave. in Playa Del Rey. The resolution, introduced by Councilman Mike Bonin, will be heard by the council’s Energy, Climate Change and Environmental Justice Committee.

Bonin’s resolution cited a study from the California Council on Science and Technology that stated the Playa del Rey Natural Gas Storage Facility “stands out as a facility with relatively higher risk to health and safety than the other facilities in California.”

The resolution would have Los Angeles add the closure plans to its State Legislative Program in support of any legislation or administrative action that would result in the closure of the Playa del Rey natural gas storage facility.

Most of the residents who spoke during Tuesday’s meeting were in favor of closing the facility, and some said they had experienced negative health effects from living close to it.

But Stuart Waldman, president of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, said closing the storage facility would not be a good idea at this time, as Los Angeles needs the energy resources.

“We’ve already seen blackouts which continue to impact Angelenos,” Waldman said. “It’s clear that all energy sources, including natural gas, are needed to meet the energy demands of households across the city at a time when many are working from home to help fight the spread of COVID-19.”

On its website, SoCalGas officials said they have worked with the neighborhoods around the storage facility for years and has an advisory committee that includes residents.

Calls and emails to SoCalGas were not immediately returned.

The resolution also mentioned the 2015 disaster at the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility, in which an estimated 96,100 tons of methane and 7,300 tons of ethane were released into the atmosphere, something Bonin said he doesn’t want repeated.

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