A local insurance company offered some precautionary tips Tuesday for homeowners as fire season kicks into high gear.

Arcadia-based Weaver & Associates, which was founded in 1959, urged homeowners to take the following steps:

— Document belongings with a smartphone or camera;

— Remove all combustible vegetation and combustible materials, including patio furniture and garbage and recycling bins that are within five feet of the home;

— Remove leaves, pine needles and debris from roofs and gutters;

— Cover exterior vents with 1/8-inch metal mesh screens;

— Store firewood at least 30 feet from the home;

— Clear any vegetation and combustible materials around propane tanks at least 10 feet;

— Remove brush and other vegetation from under trees;

— Prune tree branches at least six feet from the ground;

— Maintain all grasses to a height no greater than four inches;

— Remove all dead vegetation throughout the property;

— Review insurance policy limits to make sure the dwelling limit on the policy is adequate to replace the home if a fire occurs;

— Confirm that personal property limits are adequate;

— Obtain a special item floater for valuable items such as jewelry and art;

— Understand that a landlord is not responsible for renters’ personal items if a rented home burns in a fire. Reimbursement can only be provided through a renters’ insurance policy.

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