Rolling Hills Country Club was sued Tuesday by a former employee who alleges he was not paid for all regular and overtime hours worked.

Da’shon Simmons’ proposed Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges nine violations of the state Labor Code and one violation of the state Business and Professions Code. The suit seeks payment of allegedly unpaid wages, the imposition of civil penalties and an award of attorneys’ fees.

A representative for the club could not be immediately reached.

The proposed class of plaintiffs consists of all current and former employees who worked for the Rolling Hills Country Club within four years of the filing of the suit and who live in California.

Simmons worked at the golf course from March 2018 until February 2019, according to the suit, which does not state what his position was or why he left his employment there.

In addition to allegedly not being paid for all hours worked, Simmons maintains he was not compensated for missed meal and rest breaks or for some business-related expenses.

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