The Irvine-based Wienerschnitzel hot dog chain announced Monday it is ready to expand its business model internationally and is searching for partners to go global.

“In a world filled with hamburgers, pizza and chicken options, the hot dog is a unique and tasty choice,” said Werner Glass, head of international franchise development for Wienerschnitzel. “Hot dogs are a universally loved food, and owning a Wienerschnitzel franchise offers a highly differentiated business in an already crowded market.”

Founded by John Galardi in 1961 with a single hot dog stand in Wilmington, Wienerschnitzel operates or franchises 325 restaurants in 11 Western states and serves more than 120 million hot dogs annually. It is part of the Galardi Group, which is also the parent company of Hamburger Stand and Tastee-Freez LLC.

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