Los Angeles city officials Thursday celebrated the opening of the Argo Drain Sub-Basin Facility Project, a $35.8 million project near Los Angeles International Airport that will capture stormwater runoff, treat and deliver it to an 8.1 million-gallon underground infiltration system.

“As councilmember for L.A.’s Westside coastal communities, I wholeheartedly support investments that improve the quality of our most precious natural resource — water,” said Councilman Mike Bonin. “This project does that and more, by ensuring LAX meets environmental commitments and by providing open space for Westchester and Playa del Rey.”

The facility will capture runoff from the Argo Drain, County of L.A. Drain and the smaller city of L.A. drain, which discharge into Santa Monica Bay, according to the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation and Environment, which is partnering with the Department of Public Works and Los Angeles World Airports for the project. The facility is located on LAWA property, near the northwest corner of LAX, at the Westchester Parkway and Falmouth Avenue.

“The Argo Drain Sub Basin Facility is the product of great partnership between L.A. Sanitation, LAWA, Councilmember Bonin, the mayor and Public Works — and value proposition is enhanced water quality, less pollution on our beaches and, crucially, water capture,” said Greg Good, president of the Board of Public Works. “These are investments we’ve made for our future, helping us to achieve climate resiliency and ensure that we meet our Green New Deal goal of 100% recycled water.”

Stormwater runoff captured at the three drains will be treated in a multi-step process, then flow into an 8.1 million-gallon underground infiltration system. The project began construction in 2018.

“Today’s opening of the Argo Drain sub-basin facility is thanks to a strong collaboration between the mayor’s office, our local Council office, fellow city departments, LAWA and the neighboring community, all of whom are working together to create a more sustainable future,” said Justin Erbacci, CEO of Los Angeles World Airports. “LAWA is committed to smart water management and we are proud to join our partners to help realize the city’s vision for conservation and environmental stewardship.”

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