In an effort to help Angelenos manage their spending and steer clear of scams during the holiday season, Controller Ron Galperin Thursday released his “Holiday Financial Tips” guide.

“Money and finances can be a big source of stress for families during the holidays,” Galperin said. “These tips are intended to help people spend wisely, save more, fend off predatory scams and enjoy the holidays debt- and headache-free.”

To avoid scams this season, Galperin urged people to:

— beware of fake charities, online shopping schemes, fraudulent contests and sweepstakes and double check something’s validity before giving away personal information;

— monitor accounts often and secure devices to prevent identity theft; and

— keep an eye out for social security spoof calls, fake miracle health cures, callers pretending to be family members in need and other scams that often target seniors, including funeral and cemetery fraud.

Galperin’s general holiday financial tips include:

— setting a budget after reviewing earnings and expenses;

— plan shopping by making a list, sticking to it and not buying unnecessary items;

— makes do-it-yourself gifts and decorations to save money, stay busy and spend time with loved ones; and

— avoid using credit cars and opt to use cash or debit cards to stay within budget.

Galperin’s full “Holiday Financial Tips” guide can be found at

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