A woman is suing Costco Wholesale Corp. after she allegedly suffered a stroke in 2020 from sitting in a demonstrator oscillating chair that a salesperson told her was used “for circulation.”

Valerie Richburg’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges premises and products liability. She seeks unspecified damages.

A Costco representative could not be reached for comment on the suit brought Wednesday.

Richburg, 68, went to the Costco in Marina del Rey on Feb. 20, 2020, where the store authorized a vendor to demonstrate an oscillating chair to patrons, the suit states.

“The representative told plaintiff that the oscillating chair was used for circulation,” the suit states.

Richburg sat on the chair for about 10 to 30 minutes when she suffered injuries “including, but not limited to a stroke,” the suit alleges.

Richburg has sustained both economic damages and emotional distress, the suit states.

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