A small oil spill near Alamitos Beach in Long Beach has dissipated, but the U.S. Coast Guard and Long Beach Fire Department were continuing to monitor the area Saturday, authorities said.

“There is no evidence of tar balls or oil at Shoreline (Drive),” U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Aidan Cooney told City News Service.

Witnesses reported seeing tar balls on the shoreline at approximately 4:30 p.m. Friday near the 400 block of East Shoreline Drive. Fire department officials joined the Coast Guard in responding to the scene.

“When our team arrived there was no oil or any tar balls along the shoreline and any oil that was in the water had dissipated,” Cooney said. No harm to wildlife in the area was reported.

Cooney said the source of the slick was unknown.

“We respond to a lot of similar incidents,” he said.

Small amounts of oil regularly wash ashore and the Coast Guard is able to test it to determine if it is naturally occurring from under the ocean or came from a commercial source.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation in Long Beach,” he said.

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