A woman charged last week with stealing money from tip jars at various businesses in Beverly Hills was sentenced Thursday to a year in a live-in residential drug rehabilitation facility in connection with her no contest plea to stealing money from a cash register at a juice store where she had worked.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Windham also ordered Jessica Mary Shub, 20, of Beverly Hills, to pay $1,500 in restitution and to serve three years of probation, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Shub pleaded no contest Wednesday to one felony count of grand theft of personal property involving money that was taken over a two-month period in 2014 while she worked at a Jamba Juice store, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Six misdemeanor counts — including five counts of petty theft and one count of attempted petty theft — were dismissed as a result of her plea to the felony charge, according to the District Attorney’s Office. The petty theft charges involved money taken from tip jars at five Beverly Hills businesses, including a pizzeria, coffee shop and ice cream parlor.

During the search for a suspect in the thefts, authorities dubbed the culprit “The Tip Jar Bandit.”

City News Service

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