Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A comic book collector who paid $10,000 for a copy of a “Fantasic Four” edition is suing the sellers saying they allegedly falsely overstated the graded condition of the magazine.

Nash Tennant of Sherman Oaks filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against PGX Comics. He alleges breach of contract, fraud, civil conspiracy and negligence. He also is asking that the contract between the buyer and seller be rescinded.

A representative for PGX Comics did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment.

The lawsuit that was filed Thursday alleges that Tennant bought the book from the sellers last May 1 and was told that its condition was graded at 7.5.

“A 7.5 graded book is extremely valuable in the open market and can be resold for a value well in excess of the jurisdictional limits of this court,” the suit states.

Shortly after Tennant bought the book, others told him that it did not appear worthy of a 7.5 grade, the suit states. He then had the magazine assessed by a different company that was “well-respected in the industry” and that firm graded the book at 5.0, the suit states.

“The difference between a 7.5 comic book and a 5.0 comic book is extremely large,” according to the lawsuit.

The sellers knew that book had a 5.0 grade and then conspired to deny that it was graded by their own employees, independent contractors or agents, the suit alleges.

—City News Service

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