Photo by Trailer screenshot (A Countess from Hong Kong trailer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Trailer screenshot (“A Countess from Hong Kong,” trailer, 1967) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Actress and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren and two insurance companies settled her lawsuit in which she alleged she was owed more  than $1.5 million under a malpractice judgment against one of her former attorneys.

Hedren, 85, filed the breach-of-contract complaint in June 2014 in Los Angeles  Superior Court against American Guarantee and Liability Insurance Co. and  Zurich American Insurance Co. Earlier this month, her attorneys filed court papers stating the case was resolved, but no terms were divulged.

According to the lawsuit, the insurers issued malpractice policies with the attorney who represented  Hedren in a lawsuit filed after she was hurt in June 2006 while filming a television show. A gallon of water fell from a ceiling onto her head.

She alleged the lawyer mishandled the case and she sued him. A jury found she was entitled to all the money she would have received if the case was handled properly and awarded her $1.48 million, the suit stated.

According to the lawsuit, the award with interest had grown to $1.52 million by the time she filed her case. Hedren maintained her former attorney assigned his rights under the policies to her, but that the two insurers still refused to pay. She also wanted attorneys’ fees to compensate her for bringing the  suit.

—City News Service

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